About Us

Exclusive Stem Cell License

Established in 2013, CardioCell has an exclusive, worldwide Stemedica Cell Technologies Inc. license for the exploration of therapeutic indications in the cardiovascular field. Stemedica continues its focus on stem-cell manufacturing technology, scale-up manufacturing and other related activities, while CardioCell explores cardiovascular applications for these stem cells.

Stemedica is a global biopharmaceutical company led by prominent scientists, leading clinicians, experienced investors and seasoned medical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical executives. Its mission is to develop and manufacture best-in-class, ischemia-tolerant, allogeneic stem cells that support pre-clinical and clinical studies conducted by approved research institutions and accredited hospitals.

Stemedica’s stem-cell manufacturing capacity is among the finest in the world. The company operates a U.S. FDA-compliant cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) facility in San Diego, California, that is licensed by the Food and Drug Branch of the State of California Department of Health and Human Services.

In addition to its manufacturing capabilities, Stemedica is involved in pre-clinical and clinical trials in which its products are at the forefront of medical advances. This includes Phase I/II clinical trials for ischemic-stroke indications.